Establish Working Group for Innovation

On behalf of “Innovation Eco-System in the CBC area” Project the fourth meeting between EuroPartners Development, National Agency for Scientific Research and Innovation and “Fan S. Noli University of Korçë” on May 25th 2018.

The importance stood at: Establish Working Group for Innovation, Innovation Hub future and strategic aspects.

At first, it was focused in Working Group Members Establishment proposing also an official correspondence between two univerisities on Memorandum of Understanding draft proposal, before signment. The latter, should be signed in Ohrid by within June. Innovation Hub future was another important meeting point through new ideas development, experience exchange, strategic policies at local level, development fund raising and brainstorming. 

Besides them, a Working Group on innovation may consist of trained staff, students, taget municipalities, Chambers of Commerce, regional development agencies, and youth clubs. 

Last part discussed was for strategic aspects concerning know-how technology applications, subgrants, business models, Demo Days, and also innovation interships. 

All of them, encourage innovative ideas, and a successful continuance of an innovation hub. 

Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) signment, innovation hub refurbishment, and recommendations from expert studies will be a focus of next meeting.