Organize and implement sub-granting scheme for CBC and joint venture SMEs


Mrs.Erinda Papa,Vice Rector for Science and Research,“Fan S. Noli”University of Korçë

Mrs. Erjona Asabella, Scientific Staff Liaison Officer, “Fan S. Noli”University of Korçë

Mrs. Brikela Qelemeni, Public Relation Specialist, “Fan S. Noli” University of Korçë

Mrs. Megi Koleci, Tourism and Project Development Specialist, Municipality of Korçë

Mr. Stilian Doraci, Finance Manager, EuroPartners Development

Mr. Andi Stefanllari, Mentor expert for services from practioners

Mr. Robert Dumi, Head of Multilateral Unit, National Agency for Scientific Research and Innovation 

Mr. Julian Zaimi, Specialist at Multilateral Unit, National Agency for Scientific Researc and Innovation


Main purpose: Definition and organization of large sub-granting scheme aiming to provide sub-granting to 10 SMEs/Start-ups (5 per each side) or already in business ventures from both sides of the border


The importance of meeting stood at: Discussion and evaluation of 11 subimtted sub-granting applications 


Formal discussion 

This meeting has been held at the “Fan S. Noli” University of Korçë premises. Mr. Dume opened the meeting stating sub grant applications as the most significant part of this Project. Mr. Stefanllari emphasized also, focusing in evaluation criterias and three month pilot projects. Moreover he said that evaluation process should strictly follow the approved criterias in sub granting instructions/guidelines. 

Mrs. Papa, on the other hand, clarified institutional support in sub granting scheme, providing other previously implemented similar projects. Mr. Dumi also exampled some other mini-projects under Horizon 2020, Tempus and COSME, that conceived and supported individuals and SMEs all over Albania, in agriculture, IT, tourism and innovation development. The latter has been considered as much important in related fields with a great impact in economic development through business incubator models, as well as, smart Start-ups. Mrs. Koleci from the Municipality of Korçë shared her opinion greeting this day as a ‘chance’ giving to 5 to be selected innovative ideas. She also expressed that Municipality of Korçë will play prior role in business development, even innovation idea support. For instance, she brought the “Innovation Hub” at Municipality premises, considering an high level investment. 


Evaluation process:

After discussion, working group representatives acquintated and reviewed all 11 proposals reading the short description, as well as, concepted activity ideas. Mr. Dumi and Mr. Stefanllari beared in one mind that evaluation should be accurate, individual and impartial. Mr. Dumi, furthermore, declared that some applications were based in good ideas, but not well described, and some other non innovative ideas in fine description. Due to short time of to be selected project implementation it was emphasized real project appliance, economic and regional impact, sharing new ideas, enhancing innovation capacities through joint business, closer partnerships even trade and investment increasement. 

Mr. Stefanllari stated again that evaluation of applications for financial support have these eligible criterias/activities: 

  • Every enterprise should be registered in accordance with domestic trade law and endowed with a taxable identification number
  • To be an individual or micro SME (up to 10 employees)
  • Not to be in financial obligations
  • Not to violate the intellectual property rights of any third parties 
  • Develop of pilot lines 
  • Project testing 
  • Activities related to IP and design 

And all of them focusing on some innovative ideas, as a common good of both countries. 

After different meanings and analytic discussions, the working group went to evaluation process in accordance with approved guidelines. This process was strictly performed following rules as below:

  • Degree of innovation 
  • Project quality 
  • Capacity of the project team or individual 
  • Market potential 
  • Impact
  • Financial criteria 

Mr. Doraci stressed the fact that everyone representive of each selected sub grantees should personally interviewed and give a detailed description of his/her idea. Also he supported activities related to application budget description, proposing installment pay regarding to every accomplished activity for 5 winner sub grantees. The latter was supported by all. 

Next step: Results will be electronically calculated and the evaluation committee will conclude a final decision by next week.