Pithing event of the project proposals in Ohrid (1st November 2019, Innovation Hub in Ohrid)

A public presentation of the projects submitted to the public call for projects for newly established Start-up and Spin-off companies in the southwest region as part of the "Innovative Eco-System in the Cross-Border Cooperation" project is underway. The selection of the best project proposals will be done by the Evaluation and Selection Committee.


The presentations take place in the Innovation Hub in Ohrid, which is part of the Faculty of Tourism and Hospitality and is established by the same project.

This project is jointly implemented by # FITR, National Center for Innovation and Entrepreneurial Learning Development (NRIPU), EuroPartners Development and National Agency for Scientific Research and Innovation (ARTI)

The project aims to establish an innovative infrastructure for the transfer of know-how technologies between start-ups and SMEs in the areas of cross-border cooperation between the Republic of Northern Macedonia and the Republic of Albania. The call was open for companies with a registered office in the following municipalities: Centar Zupa, Debar, Debarca, Kicevo, Makedonski Brod, Ohrid, Plasnica, Struga and Vevcani.


FB link to the post: https://www.facebook.com/fondzainovacii/posts/1085553298281630