Select and train staff for 2 CBC innovation hubs


Mrs. Erinda Papa, Vice Rector for Science and Research, UNIKO

Mrs. Etleva Mullaj, Project Director, EPD

Mr. Stilian Doraci, Administrative and Support Staff, EPD.

Mr. Robert Dumi, General Director, NASRI.

Mr. Julian Zaimi, Specialist at Multilateral Unit, NASRI.

Main purpose: Training staff for innovation hub future well functioning 

The importance of meeting stood at: Staff selection criterias, additional and provisional services 

During this meeting, it was mainly discussed for the future of innovation hub. Mrs. Papa expressed gratifications on just finished innovation hub. She stated the importance of this hub also for next years, not only by university students and representatives, but also for local governance, NGOs, Chambers of Commerces, SMEs and other stakeholders. In this case, Mr. Dumi, henceforth, NASRI General Director, emphasized that further discussion and endorsement anticipation from University representatives would be very important in the further official procurement steps. The latter was kindly supported also by Mrs. Mullaj. Mr. Dumi was in mind for a wider participation of Working Group in staff selection, as well as, promotion and social campaign on two sides of the border. 

Qualifications and training

Staff qualification, experience with EU funded projects and other similar innovation dedicated activities was another discussion topic. In this way, Mrs. Mullaj stated that two selected innovation officers should be highly experienced to innovation hub further operation. She introduced some innovation hub built steps in Tirana, as an good example to follow. 

Next step:

Preparation activity to develop communication and PR package for innovation hubs will be prospective topic.