Training on Innovation with students and Start-ups


Mrs. Erjona Asabella, Scientific Staff Liaison Officer, “Fan S. Noli”University of Korçë

Mr. Romeo Terolli, Career and Alumni Specialist, “Fan S. Noli” University of Korçë

Mr. Stilian Doraci, Finance Manager, EuroPartners Development

Mrs. Manuela Meçe, Capacity Building Expert 


Main purpose: Organize innovation eco-system trainings/workshops in the CBC areas with educational institutions, chambers of commerce, and NGOs

The importance of training stood at: Promotion and support of innovation models, management and its impact in public administration and in the future


Overall description 

This training was hosted and leaded by Ms. Manuela Meçe, serving as Capacity Building expert. She introduced a whole description on “Innovation capacities and management”. This one is also the first training module with students, prepared by Mrs. Meçe. It was first training on behalf of this project, with a moderate participation of students from different fields, and two just graduated doctors. 


The main topics discussed in this module was:

  • What is innovation?
  • Innovation assets and competencies 
  • Opportunities 
  • Innovation as a special way of making money 
  • Innovation types 
  • Differencies between gradual and radical innovation 
  • Who is capable on innovation? 
  • Innovation models and its problems 
  • Value-added innovation chains 
  • Knowledge matrix and positive feedback effects 
  • Innovation impact in different fields, especially in: population, environment, circular economy and STEM sciences 
  • Dynamic structures 
  • Schematic priorities of profit fundamentals 
  • Value chains 
  • Implications in innovation
  • Human capacities 
  • Other competencies 


Electronic governance as an innovation example in public administration 

The latter was another bullet point discussed in the training. Some of participants mentioned innovation ideas as serving issue in public administration. For example: 

e-Albania, the Unique Portal of Public Services, ADISA, Integrated Service Agency, 

u-Albania, the Unique Portal of Public Education Services, online insurance payment, and other OneStopShop implemented models, some of them, as part of EU funded Projects for the Government of Albania. 


For instance, Mrs. Meçe briefed something on e-governance. She considered that as the most significative development in public service arrangement, adjustment and easily access by all residents. In this step was shortly concluded in: 

  • e-Governance; its convenience and opportunities 
  • Innovation inputs and outputs 
  • Respective e-Polls, and Exit Polls hosted by innovative softwares 
  • e-Participance and e-Commands
  • Public innovation strategy 
  • Measurement factors, as well as, their methodology 
  • Conceptual content analysis 
  • Study design, and other innovation project management steps 
  • Innovation frequency 
  • Other examples of successful innovative programs, apps, and/or smart SMEs 


Next step: Another training in scheduled on behalf, whose target group will be business/SME representatives, working group, interest groups, and other stakeholders