Training with SMEs and start-ups


Mrs. Erjona Asabella, Scientific Staff Liaison Officer, “Fan S. Noli”University of Korçë

Mr. Romeo Terolli, Career and Alumni Specialist, “Fan S. Noli” University of Korçë

Mrs. Blerta Tuci, Project Manager, EuroPartners Development

Mr. Stilian Doraci, Finance Manager, EuroPartners Development

Mrs. Manuela Meçe, Capacity Building Expert

Mrs. Albana Laknori, Intellectual Property Expert, Tirana Chamber of Commerce and Industry 

Mr. Goce Toleski, Head of JTS Struga

Mr. Marin Beluli, Antenna Officer Elbasan

Other Participants from CSOs, Public Bodies, SMEs and University Students


Main purpose: Organize innovation eco-system trainings/workshops in the CBC areas with SME-s, Public Bodies, Chambers of commerce, and NGOs

The importance of training stood at: Promotion and support of innovation models, management for SMEs and Start-ups

Overall description 

This training was hosted by Mrs. Manuela Meçe, serving as Capacity Building expert and the Intellectual Property expert Mrs. Albana Laknori. Mrs Mece introduced a whole description on “Innovation management”. This one is also the second training module prepared by Mrs. Meçe. 

The second part of the training was held by Mrs. Laknori she introduced the audience with issues related to Intellectual property rights and toolkit. This was the second training on behalf of this project, with a significant participation of sub grantee winners, SMEs representatives, NGOs and university students. 


The main topics discussed in this module was: 

  • What is innovation?
  • Gradual and Radical innovation 
  • Strategic Incentives
  • Organization capacities 
  • Positive Effects of Innovation
  • Role of environment on Innovation 
  • Who is capable on innovation? 
  • Innovation models and its problems 
  • Value-added innovation chains 
  • Dynamic structures 
  • Schematic priorities of profit fundamentals 
  • Implications in innovation
  • Other competencies 


Intellectual Property toolkit

The training continued with the presentation of Mrs. Laknori regarding a very important aspect of doing innovation such the IP (Intellectual Property) teaching kit. She acknowledged the participants on the law, rules of trademarks and copyrights which enable people to earn recognition or financial benefit from what they invent or create. 


Main topics discussed in this module were:

  • Understanding IP
  • Types of IP
  • IP Rights
  • Importance of Intellectual property 
  • IP system
  • Invention Patents
  • Databases
  • Protection fields
  • Trademarks and service brands
  • Industrial designs 
  • Geographic indicators 
  • Patents 
  • Copyrights
  • Trademarks, copyright and domain names
  • Other competences


Next step: Another training in scheduled for the next year, whose target group will be business/SME representatives, sub grantees winners, start-ups representatives and other stakeholders